Monday, October 20, 2008

Tips on Blog Search


Here i give u another tips for blog search...


To put a single search box (1st option) in your blog, copy and paste the code below into a HTML Page element in the sidebar :

Change 'MYBLOG' to actual name of your blog.
It will look like this :

only search this blog

If you want to provide an option to search your blog or the Internet (2nd option) use this code instead :

Instead of 'YOURBLOGNAME' put actual name of blog.
It will look like this :

only search this blog


If you want to put a Google Blogsearch (3rd option) box in your blog add this code in a HTML page element :

Change BLOG_URL to actual address of your blog.
It will look like this :


As requested by my friend, here i give u more details how to put the code above into your blog..

1. Go to your dashboard and choose Layout.

2. At the Layout tab, click at Page Elements.

3. Then, click at Add a Gadget at your sidebar and choose HTML/Javascript (you will put the code inside this part).

4. Out of three codes given, you can pick either one. Remember to save it.

U can see the example of using second option as below (provide an option to search your blog or the Internet):

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6 Comment(s):

Jathniel Tong said...

don understand... could u explain about each of them detail..? mayb prepare example and screenshot..

Jathniel Tong said...

haha... iez dh salah faham... nk cth output for each type of search, bkn step to create...

iez said...

waduh kamu ni.. try je la kt post entry iez ni.. kn senang..
ade 3 option..pilih je mane yg u nk try..

Jathniel Tong said...

haha... ok ok... sbb sy dh lama nk letak search function tp no idea. hahaha :D

Jathniel Tong said...

oooO... dh try...

1. Search keyword in this blog.
2. Search in Google Web.
3. Searcg in Google Blog.

Jathniel Tong said...

yeah! dh modify the code... nw search page will display at new page..

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