Thursday, October 16, 2008

Menyakitkan mata? Crowded??

Aku nak tanya pendapat uols berkenaan blog aku ni..
Especially bg kwn2 yg slalu berkunjung ke sini..
Blog aku menyakitkan mata ke?
Kaler purple yg aku pilih ni xsesuai ke?
Crowded sgt ke?
Ape pendapat uols??

Ade mamat ni dr Johor Bahru (aku trace IP die..) ckp kt cbox aku blog aku ni menyakitkan mata..die suruh tukar font color..Then die ckp crowded.. So what do u think??
Please help me dgn ikhlas ok.. If btul2 xok aku akan tukar ape yg patut..

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nis n4d (*_~) said...

mebi die kate crowded coz ade byk bende kot.. hehe. he likes simplest thing mebi.. hehe..

lantak pi la kat die if tu yg k iez suke.. me dont mind.. ;-p

blog kite, kite punye minat kan.. hehe.. btw, nad suke purple gak..

mebi dats y i dont mind... haha.. pjg lebor plak.. papai.. nk blk keje.. ngeeeee...

b epi.. don wori.. hehe..

iez said...

candy_lips.. sy ter reject kamu punye comment.. So sorry.. But thanks ats komen kamu tu.. kalu bleh kasi blk ayat bloggers tu yer.. tq so much.. hehe..

candylips_izy said...


terdelete la pulak...
padanla tadi cam tergerak nk copy dl sebelum send..haih...
mungkin ape yg kite resend nih xexactly same ngn td taw..
tp lbey kurang jugak la yah?

once a blogger ever state in her blog..

"i never had a chance to receive any comments during my 1st time becoming a blogger.its kinda frustrating since no one ever dropped their words in my entries.sometimes, few questions keep haunting me,am i too honest?or am i too sarcastic?but still it never stop me from blogging as it was my passion and my identity.

until one day, i received my first comment.only God knows how the feelings inside. the tenderness was like flying in the air,freely like a bird.he/she came from nowhere, putting his/her magical words and became my so glad that he/she did..

day by day,his/her comments seemed suffocating me.once he/she criticized on the appearance of my blog, and i guessed its okay.but then it turned out to be a daily comments where he/she seemed asking me to customize my blog as if the way he/she wanted. i felt annoyed every time checking the entries.with deep breath,i've deleted all the comments and i never regret back then..

my blog is my passion,my true-self and my only medium to share and to express what i gained and what i have.i dont see others to have any rights in determining how my blog appearance should be.if they found my blog as irritating,its totally none of my business.

i am doing things i like, and i'd love to share with people whom i care.."

i guess u already got the point right?never fear to enjoy our horizon,dear..

iez said...

huhu.. Thanks candylips..

Jathniel Tong said...

erm... for me... sy sgt ikhlas punye.. haha.. mungkin title color eg: "♥ Purple Chatz ♥ ♥ Boxes ♥" tu kot de ckp. purple gelap dgn black bg plus bwh putih. so ganggu penglihatan de. hahahaa... mayb org tu ade rabun lagi. erm... apa lagi nk comment eh.. cam xde jew... mgkn banner title color jugak kot. haiz... for me everything ok jew. ooooOOO.... sy dh tau. igt Miss Badaria lagi? our HCI lecturer. hahaha... seperti ape yg miss ckp dulu: org tu color blind kot. hahahaha :D mgkn rabun teruk jugak. hahahah.... wakakakka :P

magma3637 said...

yo .just enjoy what you are doing now. but remember, other's opinions are also sometime very important, in order to improve yourself.

i'm new in this sphere. check out my blog at maybe you'll feel a lot better. and maybe some comments from you too? ;p

Wawa_Nadwa said...

bg sy okey je blog nih..
org tuh x ske purple kot.

iez said...

♥♥ Thanks 4 all comments.. Sy amat hargai sgt..

candylips_izy said...

hensem seyh apek atas ni..
cair haku kejap..hehee~~~

Munirah Abd said...

iez kita agree ngan tong!!!
org tu color blind!!!


nis n4d (*_~) said...

ngee.. b epi..

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