Friday, October 17, 2008

Once a blogger ever state in her blog..

Once a blogger ever state in her blog..

"I never had a chance to receive any comments during my 1st time becoming a blogger. its kinda frustrating since no one ever dropped their words in my entries.sometimes, few questions keep haunting me,am i too honest?or am i too sarcastic?but still it never stop me from blogging as it was my passion and my identity.

until one day, i received my first comment.only God knows how the feelings inside. the tenderness was like flying in the air,freely like a bird.he/she came from nowhere, putting his/her magical words and became my so glad that he/she did..

day by day,his/her comments seemed suffocating me.once he/she criticized on the appearance of my blog, and i guessed its okay.but then it turned out to be a daily comments where he/she seemed asking me to customize my blog as if the way he/she wanted. i felt annoyed every time checking the entries.with deep breath,i've deleted all the comments and i never regret back then..

my blog is my my passion, my true-self and my only medium to share and to express what i gained and what i have.i dont see others to have any rights in determining how my blog appearance should be.if they found my blog as irritating, its totally none of my business.

i am doing things i like, and i'd love to share with people whom i care.."

*Thanks to candylips_izy sbb bg ayat ni.. Aku tujukan khas buat org2 or lalats yg asyik suke buat kacau or xsuke ngan blog aku nih..
Bagi uols yg xtahu knape aku dok mengarut ni bace lah entry aku yg ni.. klik kt sini

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candylips_izy said...


sure makan dalam la lalats2 tuh yek..iez siap confront ngn entry lagi..hurm..ade lagi ke yg comment lebey kurang iez?haih..asal la dorang jadi camtu lak ek..kalo lepas2 ni xpaham bahase xtau la..

nyway,u go girl..!!

bintang kecik:alahai..diriku merasa kemalu-maluan bila nama diriku di highlight oleh dirimu..haih...

μάγά said...

well.. mang betul pun apa yg di tulis tu... coz blog kita.. kita punya suka lah kan nak tulis apa or nak design mcm mana... sometimes kita suka benda tu but others dont.. so x kan kita nak ikut org lain punya cita rasa sedang kita x suka plak cita rasa org tu...

Munirah Abd said...

ko baru nak menapak dlm dunia blog ni pun ada org nak attack!!
jahat sungguh manusia ni!!
xleh tgk org sng!!!
kasi belasah itu org!!!!!!

eh iez..nak comment layout..
everything ok dah..yg 3 column bwh tu kan..awat recent comments kat aku xde arr?? ke aku lak yg rabun???

n anyway..recent comment tu ko letak arr kat atas...sumbat kat kiri kanan column yg ko suka arr..

wei aku suka arr yg bwh glitter2x tu....

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