Thursday, October 16, 2008

Format Text For Your Blogger Posts


Kali ni nak buat tutorial pulak.. Hehe.. Ilmu yg ade kita kongsi sama2 ok...
For new bloggers out there, i hope this tutorial will help u...


While creating a post, the tool bar in the top frame gives icons to format your text as bold, italic etc. However if you do not have this toolbar use the following HTML codes in Edit HTML tab of Post Editor :

To Make text Bold :

To make it Strong use :

To make it Big use :

To make it Small use :

To Emphasize text use :

To make it Italic :

To make it Underlined :

For a Strikeout effect :

For a line on top of your text :

To Superscript Text :

To Subscript Text :

To give a heading to your text :

Choose from H1 to H5. You can use this to create sub headings by using H1, H2, H3, etc... in sequence.

For Preformatted text useful in displaying poetry use :

For example :

There once was a man from Aruba,
Whose favorite hobby was scuba.
Every day he would wish,
He could spear a big fish.
But settled instead for canned tuna.

To show the meaning of a word when you hover the mouse over it use the 'title' attribute like this :

This will look like this :


*Hover your mouse over 'RC' to see the effect.

This will look like this :


*Hover your mouse over 'SA' to see the effect. It works in Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7.

Actually, byk lg yg ada.. But, this is only a basic for new bloggers..
The easiest way..just use the shortcut at the tool bar in the top frame of your Post Editor.. hehe..

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Jathniel Tong said...

gud2... trskn!!!

iez said...

hehe.. tq.. tq.. :)

magma3637 said...

thanks 4 d tips. i'm just starting my blog at september. take a peek at it (",)y

nis n4d (*_~) said...

hehe.. gudluck gak!

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