Friday, October 17, 2008

Marquee Text and Effects


Now, i will helps u guys with marquee effects and text.. Actually it used to make your text moving..


So, to create a moving text effects you can use the tag.

For example:

The above code will produce the following effect:

Click it down

You can use the following parameters to define your marquee :

* WIDTH: how wide the marquee is
* HEIGHT: how tall the marquee is
* DIRECTION: which direction the marquee should scroll
* BEHAVIOR: what type of scrolling
* SCROLLDELAY: how long to delay between each jump

* SCROLLAMOUNT: how far to jump
* LOOP: how many times to loop
* BGCOLOR: background color
* HSPACE: horizontal space around the marquee
* VSPACE: vertical space around the marquee

For example:

The result:

Click it down


To add a moving text, we can use:

This will show as below:

Add Your Text Here...

You also can change the direction of the text by using this tag at the beginning:

Instead of "right", we can put "up", "down" or "left" as for your preference.

To add a background color, use this code:

It will look like this:

Add your text here...

So, what do u think?
Can u move your text now?
Happy blogging!!

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