Friday, October 1, 2010


Loneliness.. That's what i feel...
Live without others by my side..
Struggling to do everything by myself..

Will i be forced to stand alone?
I tried to face the day but...
Do i'll find my real life?
With someone that could help me find the way..

Every night is the same night
Every day is the same day
I've no one to share my life
No one to share my name

I walked the days with a fake smile
And pretending like i'm happy
But deep inside...
I'm so alone
Though surrounded by my friends
I've an empty soul
Nothing inside...
And the bottom never ends...

I cant run away and hide from it
Although i'd like to try
For every night
When i'm thinking about it
A pieces of my soul dies....

I dont know how long it will take
I dare not even guess
For everyday..
When i face the loneliness
It makes my soul feels uneasy...

I tried to fight off the piercing cold
And the painful loneliness
And always hope for a miracle
Which will bring me for a happiness.....

Hope: Still seeking for a good thing

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